Thursday, July 16, 2009

A special Thank You


Where in this life would any of us be if we didn't have family & friends to guide us and love us? This page is for those that have helped me collect the memories. I want to give them a big "THANK YOU"....

~ To my daughters; Amy Jo & Cheyenne Autumn -- for helping an old lady learn web design.

~ Jilla Allen Smith -- for encouraging me to keep Oldtown going.

~ Joyce Deffinbaugh Conduitt -- telling me more of the lives of my family.

~ Betty Lou Nixon Hunter -- keeping me in touch with her family.

~ All my Zimmerman Cousins --- helping me on the Zimmerman Line.

~ Mead Zimmerman --- for the beautiful map of by gone Oldtown!

~ Cousin Thomas Sisler -- giving me pictures of his side of the family.

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